Enjoy some light reading with these tales about our decaying civilization

America In The Fall

America’s death wasn’t the work of a foreign power; it happened by our own hand.

Torn apart by a violent racial-political Civil War, America has fractured from a United Republic into an array of half functioning city-states under mixed forms of governance. In the Nation of Texas the onetime Lone Star State has degenerated into a lawless plutocracy, the result of an uneasy truce between the Texas Independents and Tea Party.

Duncan Anderson is a former tax attorney who wanders the charred remains of this once proud land, scraping by in existence through collecting recyclable materials. He is neither warrior nor slave; leader nor believer. He is but one man keeping his solitary distance from the bestial madness of the New World, standing silent vigil in hope that order will return again to the land.

He is to be sorely disappointed.

The arrival of a mute youngster throws Duncan’s isolation into chaos and life into danger. As the noose of everyday living tightens around his neck Duncan will increasingly do anything and everything to rid himself of the unwanted intrusions into his world- even if it’s a cost paid for in the suffering of others.

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The Poor Man's Greed

It’s been three long years since Deacon Wilson has eaten a warm meal, lain in a warm bed, or felt the warmth of a loving hand.

For over a thousand days he’s eked out a living as one of the city’s faceless vagrants, his only comfort the ever-present hope that God will bless him with one more chance to be with his family. His wish is granted when he finds the blank check, clutched within the cold hand of a dead body.

Intent on a reunion with his wife and children Deacon is blindsided by the arrival of Willard Hawk. A youthful billionaire brimming with enthusiasm and eccentricity, it was his check which afforded Deacon a new future.

Now that debt must be repaid with interest.

Forced to work as Hawk’s assistant Deacon finds himself pulled into a shadowy world of questionable morality. He’ll come closer than he’s ever been to tasting the life he’s always dreamed; all it will cost him is his soul.

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Disfigured and isolated by a virulent staph infection a former photographer is driven into a life of violent sexual sadism (coming soon).

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