Raymond Carter Cantrell

My name is Raymond Carter Cantrell.  I like to write.

Look around your house.  Do you see blank sheets of paper everywhere?  Of course you do.  Instead of throwing them all away hire me to come write words all over them.  That notepad you stole from the Holiday Inn could be the perfect anniversary gift with the correct words arranged in proper order.

Other mediums I am comfortable with include books, scripts, and internet political commentary.

If you’re more visual check out my other website full of gorgeous photographs and breathtaking videos.  I’d include them here but I’m forced to keep my pursuits separate for tax purposes.  Sorry.

Choose One or More Ways to Begin Our Friendship

Passive relationship building through the convenience of social media:

Overseas relatives, financial deals of a lifetime, and notifications from dating sites I’ve never signed up for:


Heavy breathing and creepy messages not to exceed eight seconds in length:


Hate reading?  I don’t blame you.  We can still be friends though, I have another website made out of pretty pictures.

Amazing words coming to this section just as soon as I finish digging them out of my closet.